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Relief Engraving

The handcrafted jewelry designs featured on Veizman.com are all works of high relief engraving. Relief engraving is a delicate and time consuming work hence it is considered to be one of the most exquisite forms of hand engraving. In this method the engraver cut the background with an assortment of gravers and burs in order to make the pattern appear above its surrounding surface. Once the background is sufficiently removed the foreground is carefully sculpted, giving the handmade jewelry piece a visible three dimensional effect. The beauty of the handcrafted “raised design” stems from the combination of deeply cut background and well defined sidewalls.

The work of relief engraving starts by outlining the design with a square graver. The graver is tilted away from the scroll pattern in order to protect the design from accidental cuts. The design is outlined repeatedly, making each cut deeper that the previous one. Once the pattern is fully outlined, Yoni carefully removes the background with 0.3 and 0.5mm round burs. The use of burs allows Yoni to remove metal from small areas and curvy spaces where a graver would leave noticeable drag marks. And while it is safer to use a graver whenever possible, the experienced artisan can handle the use burs by holding the rotary handpiece with both hands and carefully pulling it toward him in short strokes.

The use of burs leaves the background flat with sidewalls that are sharp and defined, then Yoni completes the relief work with stippling/matting. Stippling is the process of giving the engraved background a texture. Yoni’s handcrafted jewelry pieces were all stippled with a circle punch. The punch impress a circle shaped texture into the background, creating a visual contrast between the sculpted pattern and the dotted background. Yoni finishes his engraving work by using a polished flat graver on some of the design’s curves, giving them an extra sparkle.

Relief engraving allows Yoni to create engraved diamond jewelry pieces with distinctive hardcrafted look. This handmade approach gives each jewelry design the classic sculpted look that has become Yoni Veizman’s signature style.