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About Yoni Veizman

Yoni Veizman started his career as a goldsmith at his brother’s jewelry workshop, gradually learning the trade while earning more responsibilities. Experimenting with jewelry design, Yoni began to create his own handmade jewelry, focusing on hand engraving techniques.

Fascinated by the ancient art of hand engraving, Yoni explored its artistic possibilities, perfecting his craftsmanship by learning a variety of engraving styles. The inspiration to create eangraved rings, pendants and earrings that blend classic decorative themes with modern jewelry design led Yoni to the art of gun and knife engraving, with its rich and delicate scrollwork.

Yoni started to draw organic patterns, trying to crystallize the ornate drawings into clear and distinct elements, suitable for the miniature scale of jewelry design. Under a microscope, diligently hand engraving on sheets of brass and sterling silver, Yoni achieved a dramatic sculpted look with graceful, delicate motifs. The engraved jewelry pieces were later completed by gently highlighting the carved ornaments with flush diamond setting.

Yoni’s artistic journey has culminated in a beautifully handcrafted jewelry collection which mixes the love of craftsmanship with a passion for design. Always looking for new ideas, Yoni’s style continues to evolve both as a hand engraver and as a jewelry designer.