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Yoni’s Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry hand engraving is a delicate art form that enables the artist to use precious metal as his canvas. There are various traditional engraving styles and over time, each artist develops his own designs and techniques. The jewelry designs featured on Veizman.com were inspired by nature and reference the traditions of Victorian ornamental designs and American scrollwork.

Yoni Veizman always starts the creative process of jewelry design with a basic idea; the abstract concept is translated into a sketch that will be progressively refined. He tends to draw organic shapes on top of each other and highlight those that seem intriguing. The curvy shapes are later defined with a ruler and a compass to create a precise pattern that combines the floral motifs with spaces for diamond setting.

The final sketch is reduced in size and transferred onto the metal with a piece of paper towel soaked in acetone. Next, the miniature design is cut under a microscope using a freehand engraving tool, powered by compressed air. A shaped graver is mounted in the tool’s handpiece which delivers thousands of strokes per minute allowing Yoni to gently engrave the jewelry piece.

First, the outline is cut with a square-shaped graver. Next, with a small round bur Yoni patiently remove the background. The sculpted three-dimensional look is achieved with a flat graver which “shaves” the metal stroke by stroke; the design gradually gets its depth as the metal is slowly carved.

The jewelry piece is usually completed with flush set diamonds. Flush setting is a careful procedure in which the diamond’s table is set slightly below the ring surface and “locked” into the metal with a burnisher (Yoni uses a graver with a rounded tip). As the graver pushes the metal onto the diamond, a subtle polished rim is created around it, seamlessly integrating the diamonds and the engraving into a harmonious design.

Jewelry hand engraving can be a slow and demanding process, yet it is also a rewarding and deeply satisfying craft. With patience and determination Yoni Veizman handcrafted an original collection of engraved diamond rings, pendants and earrings. These jewelry pieces are Yoni’s attempts to master the delicate art of engraving by mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern jewelry design.