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Welcome to Veizman.com

Welcome to Veizman.com where you’ll find a beautiful array of handcrafted jewelry creations. An original collection of hand engraved diamond jewelry that evokes the spirit of the Mediterranean. From classic ornamental scrollwork to contemporary aesthetics, every jewelry piece carries a creative design inspired by the richness of nature.

Discover Yoni Veizman’s engraved diamond jewelry: a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and inspiration giving rise to a diverse collection of both ornate and minimalistic designs. Yoni sketches organic motifs and skillfully translates them into sculpted patterns that pay homage to the heritage of hand engraving.

Yoni approaches the craft of engraving as a delicate art form that enables the artist to use precious metal as his canvas and sharp gravers as his brushes. Experimenting with various engraving techniques Yoni has developed his own sculpted style while referencing the traditions of Victorian floral designs and American scrollwork.

Yoni’s eye for detail, rich designs and meticulous craftsmanship has given rise to a diverse diamond jewelry collection ranging from the carved statement ring to the floral diamond wedding band, from the ornate scroll earrings to the gentle teardrop pendant. Presenting a creative handcrafted alternative to the standard engagement, anniversary and wedding jewelry designs.

Hand engraving is a careful and demanding process but also a rewarding and deeply satisfying craft .The engraved jewelry pieces featured on Veizman.com are the results of the creative journey to master this beautiful art by mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern jewelry design.